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Easter Bilby's Secret - Softcover

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Tired old Easter Bunny has given his job to Bilby. Easter eggs must be delivered all around Australia on time. But how? The rabbits will no longer help. Hungry Cats and Foxes roam Australia, always looking for something to eat. How will Easter Bilby and his friends get the job done? They come up with a plan, but you mustn't tell. SHHHHH It's a secret! By: Kaye Kessing & Ali Garnet Acknowledgement: Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia Length 24 pages Review: "I love the way this book builds a sense of place and belonging in Australia. I want my kids to be familiar with our own wildlife! Gently replacing the European Easter Bunny with an Easter Bilby feels very appropriate in this country. My kids loved feeling like they were in on a big secret, and yelling "Shhh, it's a secret Mala!" whenever she was about to spill the beans. It's a favourite that was read on repeat for weeks over Easter" - Amy

Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia Inc. PO Box 145, Collinswood, SA. 5081. ABN: 96 353 157 496

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