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Easter Bilby - Softcover

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Easter Bunny is ready to retire, but who could take over his important job? Should he pass it on to his show-off grandson Flash Rabbit? Or would a native Australian be better suited for the job? EASTER BILBY gently introduces the problem of introduced rabbits in Australia and turns the focus to our native creatures with an Easter message of hope and new life. By: Ali Garnet & Kaye Kessing Acknowledgement: Australian Government, Department of the Environment & Heritage Length 24 pages Review: "I love the way this book builds a sense of place and belonging in Australia. I want my kids to be familiar with our own wildlife! Gently replacing the European Easter Bunny with an Easter Bilby feels very appropriate in this country, and the passing of the baton is executed beautifully." - Amy

Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia Inc. PO Box 145, Collinswood, SA. 5081. ABN: 96 353 157 496

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